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Words of Wisdom

20 07, 2024


By |2024-07-20T09:38:05+10:0020th July, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Words have taken on a different meaning over the years like gay or meek. Meek or meekness are not a words you use very often, right? Meekness sounds weak, and reminds you of timidness, or wimpiness, while our culture rejects anything of the sort? We are encouraged to be [...]

11 07, 2024

Ecology and Humanity 3

By |2024-07-11T09:17:41+10:0011th July, 2024|Categories: Ecology|0 Comments

Recycling  Recycling involves processing existing and used matter into new products to avoid wasting raw materials.  Common recyclables include paper, glass, plastic, and metal and are brought to recycling centres, sorted, cleaned and reprocessed into new materials. Pro-recyclers claim the benefits of saved energy and trees, cleaner air and [...]

4 07, 2024

Ecology and Humanity 2

By |2024-07-04T10:30:34+10:004th July, 2024|Categories: Ecology|0 Comments

Pollution   The biggest form of pollution is the pollution of our minds. Or maybe I should say  believing the rubbish and the LIE that satan has planted in our minds. The LIE that God is a liar and that we are not like God.  The lie to Eve and [...]

28 06, 2024

Ecology and Humanity 1

By |2024-06-28T09:45:53+10:0028th June, 2024|Categories: Ecology|0 Comments

Ecology is the study of the relationships of living organisms, including humans, and how they interact with the environment around them. According to scripture in Genesis 2:15, “Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it”.  This then [...]

20 06, 2024


By |2024-06-20T09:35:41+10:0020th June, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

That’s it! Finished! Ended! No More! Go Home! The End! Finis! No! No! No! No! No!  That is not what the word means, and it is not how it is to be used and understood.  Any good crossword practitioner knows that it is the answer to 6 Down - [...]

13 06, 2024


By |2024-06-13T09:38:57+10:0013th June, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Matthew 28:19, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”.  And thus we have a foundation for the doctrine of the Trinity.  Other events in the scriptures that support this include [...]

6 06, 2024

Titles 2

By |2024-06-07T11:08:15+10:006th June, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

What about the hereditary titles, born into a family of royalty or a different level in society. Can we marry up or down, beyond our level in society? What kind of responsibilities does this bring? Are people born with a golden spoon in their mouth?  Do these titles make [...]

30 05, 2024

Titles 1

By |2024-05-30T09:52:31+10:0030th May, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

What's in a name, what's in a title. According to Wikipedia, “A title is one or more words used before or after a person's name, in certain contexts. It may signify either generation, an official position, or a professional or academic qualification. In some languages, titles may be inserted [...]

23 05, 2024

It’s Our Fault!

By |2024-05-23T09:36:00+10:0023rd May, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

‘Religion’ has often been accused of being the evil that causes war and famine and greed.  And just as often Christianity is appointed as the main culprit.  We can cite the Catholic/Protestant troubles of Ireland, the Crusades, the Pogroms against the Jews, the Spanish Inquisition, and many many more.  [...]

16 05, 2024

Theodicy 2

By |2024-05-16T13:24:00+10:0016th May, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Does God then allow ‘too much’ or the ‘wrong kinds’ of evil?  This is not a question about absolutes, but is relative to our own preferences and prejudices.  It asks God to fit in with our own standards.  If God allows us free-will, can we then expect Him to [...]

10 05, 2024

Theodicy 1

By |2024-05-10T16:20:53+10:0010th May, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Theodicy or, What’s the problem with Evil? In recent times we have heard much about the blessings and goodness of God.  But let’s be honest, there is much in the world, indeed probably in our own lives, that is not good.  We have aches and pains, there are cancers [...]

3 05, 2024

Faithfulness, Honesty, Truth

By |2024-05-03T15:33:31+10:003rd May, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Hebrews 10:23 and 11:11 declare that “He who promised is faithful”, and that is one of the major themes of the New Testament writers.  How do we know that God is faithful, and what does it reveal?   We know that God is faithful to fulfill His promises from the [...]

26 04, 2024

No Condemnation 2

By |2024-04-26T15:31:47+10:0026th April, 2024|Categories: No Condemnation|0 Comments

Yes, we sing with great joy that God no longer condemns us, but let’s keep in mind the Lord’s message to us from Matthew 18:21-35.  We have been forgiven, why do we then go out of our way to condemn others?  How many times did our Lord say that [...]

19 04, 2024

No Condemnation 1

By |2024-04-19T15:15:35+10:0019th April, 2024|Categories: No Condemnation|0 Comments

Romans 8:1a, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”, and it truly is a wonderful phrase that gives to those who have felt guilt and condemnation something they can rejoice in, knowing that our Father God does not, has not, nor ever will [...]

5 04, 2024

Heritage 3

By |2024-04-05T15:58:24+11:005th April, 2024|Categories: Heritage|0 Comments

So, we have looked at God’s hand on Australia during the First World War, but sadly it wasn’t the ‘war to end all wars’.  Australians have had to serve in many conflicts since, and have always been held in the highest esteem by friend and foe alike, being relentless, [...]

29 03, 2024

Heritage 2

By |2024-03-29T09:03:15+11:0029th March, 2024|Categories: Heritage|0 Comments

Now one for the ladies, though still connected to the First world war, but surrounded by controversy.  Throughout history Infantile Paralysis (or poliomyelitis) has been a particularly painful and crippling disease, but God raised up a young Australian lass, ignorant of ‘traditional’ treatments, who found a successful method for [...]

15 03, 2024

Heritage 1

By |2024-03-15T15:23:43+11:0015th March, 2024|Categories: Heritage|0 Comments

Heritage It is now more than 100 years after the first landing of Australian troops at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915.  Much has been said about that campaign and its effects on the Australian psyche.  But Gallipoli was not Australia’s only involvement in the ‘war to end all wars’.  [...]

1 03, 2024

Spiritual Beings 3 – Others

By |2024-03-01T15:08:00+11:001st March, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Beings|0 Comments

 Familiar spirits and Ghosts- In European folklore of the mediaeval period, early modern times, even today, we have heard mention of ‘familiar spirits’. This could just mean a ‘close friend’, or ‘companion’ as in a dog (canis familiaris). A dog is man's best friend, they say. But that is [...]

16 02, 2024

Spiritual Beings 1 – Intro

By |2024-02-16T15:21:37+11:0016th February, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Beings|0 Comments

Spiritual Beings Spiritual beings compared to physical beings.  Definition (Encyclopedia Britannica): “Angel and demon (also spelled daemon) are any benevolent and malevolent spiritual beings. Throughout the history of religions, varying kinds of beliefs have existed in various spiritual beings, powers and principles that mediated between the realm of the [...]

9 02, 2024


By |2024-02-09T15:15:25+11:009th February, 2024|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Luke 14:25-26, “Now great multitudes went with Him. And He turned and said to them, “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple”.” This has always seemed [...]

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