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Married for over 40 years to Marijke, has lived in Tasmania since 2005. Has a variety of skills from carpentry to truck driving. Co-founder of Resurrection Word Ministry and ordained pastor with SCAC.
29 09, 2023


By |2023-09-29T16:08:27+10:0029th September, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

When we as christians read the word ‘judgement’, we usually have a preconceived connection with penalties, as the word has come to automatically imply a negative result.  However, judgement in the Greek = Cresus, is an opinion or decision concerning everything (can be either for or against).  Second word [...]

26 05, 2023

Evangelism – part 2

By |2023-05-26T10:22:30+10:0026th May, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

The traditional style of evangelism declares that we are all ‘filthy sinners’ and are bound for hell unless we repent. This is what you would call a real judgemental style of evangelism - the 'Fire and Brimstone' message. This is in stark contrast to the real truth of evangelism, [...]

19 05, 2023

Evangelism – part 1

By |2023-05-19T13:56:27+10:0019th May, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Evangelism is defined as the sharing of good news (gospel).  For Christianity, that ‘good news’ concerns the restoration/presentation of our identity in God, and of His in-dwelling presence in all of humanity through Christ Jesus.  The purpose of evangelism is to awaken men, women, and children to their position [...]

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