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Married for over 40 years, has 5 grown up children. Has worked as Registered Nurse in both Hospital and Community setting. Ordained pastor with Southern Cross Association of Churches (SCAC), marriage celebrant and co-founder of Resurrection Word Ministries.
1 03, 2024

Spiritual Beings 3 – Others

By |2024-03-01T15:08:00+11:001st March, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Beings|0 Comments

 Familiar spirits and Ghosts- In European folklore of the mediaeval period, early modern times, even today, we have heard mention of ‘familiar spirits’. This could just mean a ‘close friend’, or ‘companion’ as in a dog (canis familiaris). A dog is man's best friend, they say. But that is [...]

16 02, 2024

Spiritual Beings 1 – Intro

By |2024-02-16T15:21:37+11:0016th February, 2024|Categories: Spiritual Beings|0 Comments

Spiritual Beings Spiritual beings compared to physical beings.  Definition (Encyclopedia Britannica): “Angel and demon (also spelled daemon) are any benevolent and malevolent spiritual beings. Throughout the history of religions, varying kinds of beliefs have existed in various spiritual beings, powers and principles that mediated between the realm of the [...]

28 10, 2023

Life / Living -3

By |2023-10-28T07:57:20+11:0028th October, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

How is this life in its fullness expressed or experienced?  By loving God and our neighbour as ourselves. Not two isolated commands but one.  Loving our neighbour who is also part of the Godhead, as one in seamless union with the Father and the Son (John 14:20). This is [...]

20 10, 2023

Life / Living -2

By |2023-10-20T14:39:27+11:0020th October, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

A consideration of other thoughts or philosophies concerning the beginning of life opens up a whole can of worms as we see in the world today. Some advocate that life starts when a heart beat of the foetus is heard but can’t be called a living being until it’s [...]

6 10, 2023

Life / Living -1

By |2023-10-06T15:45:36+11:006th October, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Definition of ‘life’ by Merriam-Webster   1 : the state characterised by the ability to get and use energy, reproduce, grow, and respond to change: the quality that plants and animals lose when they die. 2 : the period during which a person or thing is alive or exists.  [...]

7 07, 2023

All Means All – 2

By |2023-07-07T14:48:25+10:007th July, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

The “All” inclusiveness is not only a NT teaching. Isaiah, in the Old Testament, already spoke about All in chapter 25 “God will prepare a feast for all people, He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers up all nations. He will eliminate death, [...]

30 06, 2023

All Means All – 1

By |2023-06-30T09:41:21+10:0030th June, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

When we are raising our children we make it very clear to them: NO means NO, we ask them the question; what part of the word NO don't you understand, if they persist in their behaviour. Thus emphasising the seriousness of the word NO. But what about the word [...]

24 06, 2023

Nate Johnston – 23 June 2023

By |2023-06-24T15:15:23+10:0024th June, 2023|Categories: Nate Johnston-Priest and performers, Other prophetic voices, Prophetic|0 Comments

PRIESTS & PERFORMERS Performers stand at the street corners shouting their knowledge, stats, and accolades. They will lure you in with a word that will momentarily Band-Aid your pain and then empty your pockets. They know the verbiage to draw in the masses but give you nothing. They are brokers [...]

23 06, 2023

Curses – 2

By |2023-06-23T15:19:51+10:0023rd June, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

Where do curses fit in with a loving God? No where! God is love and therefore He only gives us good gifts, not curses. Curses will come into existence where people start believing lies about themselves, who they really are as the sons and daughters of God as part [...]

16 06, 2023

Curses – 1

By |2023-06-16T15:28:18+10:0016th June, 2023|Categories: Nuggets|0 Comments

We have all read books or watched TV where curses or spells were uttered in the course of the storyline or the program. But what are curses, are they real and how can they affect us, if they can affect us at all. Are they used by the powers [...]

12 05, 2023

Born Again – 2

By |2023-05-12T10:47:55+10:0012th May, 2023|Categories: Born Again|0 Comments

And then onto verse 7 (Mirror), “Don't be surprised when I say to you (humanity plural) You couldn't get here in the flesh unless you got here from above”.  For you the most benefit will be: the awareness, the understanding that you are both flesh and spirit. We have [...]

5 05, 2023

Born Again – 1

By |2023-05-05T13:20:32+10:005th May, 2023|Categories: Born Again|0 Comments

What is the evangelical, traditional, usage and understanding of ‘being born again’? Is there such a thing as ‘born again’?  What do we understand by it? Do we understand it at all?  Do we have the right understanding of Jesus' words? Have the words or the meaning of the [...]

21 04, 2023


By |2023-04-21T10:30:33+10:0021st April, 2023|Categories: News|0 Comments

What do we know about zeal: Looking on the internet we’ll find: “zeal optics” sunglasses or goggles, and “zeal, an offline documentation browser”, “zeal kitchenware” etc.  But this is not what we want to talk about here. What is this zeal? Zeal is dedication or enthusiasm for something. If [...]

28 02, 2023


By |2023-06-24T15:02:34+10:0028th February, 2023|Categories: Nuggets, Unification of earth and heaven|0 Comments

Another beautiful insight from Steve Farrar. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Acts 7:33 Herein is the secret of seeking and resting, of searching and receiving. We walk the earth while simultaneously are seated in the Heavenlies. In Christ we see God [...]

12 02, 2023


By |2023-06-24T15:04:06+10:0012th February, 2023|Categories: Nuggets, The call to live|0 Comments

Feb 7, 2021 Used with permission from STEVE FARRAR T H E C A L L T O L I V E “Lazarus, come forth!” John 11:43 Lazarus was thoroughly dead, so much so that his own sisters warned Christ that his body would stink. For days their beloved brother [...]

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