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So, we have looked at God’s hand on Australia during the First World War, but sadly it wasn’t the ‘war to end all wars’.  Australians have had to serve in many conflicts since, and have always been held in the highest esteem by friend and foe alike, being relentless, resourceful and formidable in battle, but compassionate and helpful to the innocents and victims.  We should not forget the ‘Rats of Tobruk’ or the diggers of Kokoda, The ANZACs of Korea, or the men of 6th Battalion at Long Tan in Vietnam. And since then: East Timor, Fiji, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  Even now Australians are serving to help bring peace to a troubled world.  But it is only The Prince of Peace who can truly do that.

Obviously ANZAC stories need to be told, but not for their own sake but because of what it means, HERITAGE!  It’s not just history, but it’s our history that’s been given to us to use today for tomorrow’s future.  God chose Australia to be his ‘South Land of the Holy Spirit’ for a reason.  It is important that we look back to the greatest victory ever, the cross and resurrection, and realise that the heritage given to us by Jesus to be peacemakers is not to be taken lightly.

We are between the 1st and the 2nd advents of our Lord.  For those of us who have awoken to realise that Jesus is their Lord and Saviour, we enjoy the benefits of our resurrected spirits, but await the redemption of our bodies.  But it is not a time for idle contemplation or relaxation.  As the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write in 2 Timothy chapter 2, “Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. Soldiers don’t get tied up in the affairs of civilian life, for then they cannot please the officer who enlisted them”.

Because we have the Good News of the victory of the cross and the resurrection, we also have the Good News of that victory in our own lives, and we have the Good News of how that gives us a future and a hope.  So let us don our heavenly armour, take up our weapons of spiritual warfare, and fight the good fight for the liberation of those still in captivity to sin.  Heritage is like an inheritance, it’s of no goodly use if you don’t claim it and use it!  Do not let the cloud of witnesses from Hebrews see us melt before the enemy, but rather, push forward to the goal which awaits us.

This message has been about the great and wonderful heritage He has given us.  Father God has a reason for all the little country towns of Australia, and He has in the past raised up ordinary people to achieve extraordinary feats.  Our early pioneers came from many parts of the world, often escaping poverty or persecution, to establish this country.  And we’ve looked at some of those whom the Lord has raised up to shoulder the burdens of others, whether through war, or disease, or faith.  But the thrust of the message is not that God did these things ‘past tense’, but that He is still doing them today, and will do tomorrow.

If you are in another nation, what has our Father gifted your country?  What strength does He infuse in you, and where is He directing you?  Do we pursue our nation’s spirit, or do we, as soldiers of the cross, harken to our LORD!

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