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Word to the body of Christ.

I am bringing something new to the body of Christ. I am warning you: Do not get sidetracked by all sorts of doctrine. I am not a doctrine; but live in the fullness of my being. I am light; so be light, I am persuasion; so be persuaded. I am the glory (weight- as scales in the right balance) of all; so you be the glory and become carriers of the glory; tell your neighbours they are weight and found in the right balance of God’s scale. Nothing can be added on from their own doings, it is all God’s doing.
The church, its people should rise up and be counted for. You live for such a time as this. The revelations which are coming forth will be strange to the natural eye/ear, to the eyes/ears of the established church. There will be a time approaching when the church does not want to hear what is truth and that has now come upon us. The church is putting her head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening but I tell you, even though the church will not shout or cry out of my goodness and love; the stones will. Do you not know that you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, where the spirit dwells inside of you, as one with you? Why are you so downtrodden and thinking you don’t have any power? All authority I have given you, so therefore….hide no longer. You are alive in Me, …………… what do you miss? All good things come from Me , all spiritual blessings have been given you because of Christ. My storehouse in you is not empty it is always full.
HEAR MY SPIRIT Anyone who has an ear let him hear what the spirit says to the church. This is the Revelation and testimony of Jesus Christ as the word, the incarnate word. Showing us in his earthly life who we really are. Our true identity portrayed in Him.
What does the Spirit says to the church…….Open your ears and open your eyes.
Let the “Dawn awaken” in your understanding with new revelation.
Do you not know that I am Who I am? The God who is LOVE and waivers not. There is a lot of weight in these words: “I am who I am” . Who are you? a son, offspring of the Father?
Though we are different we are from HIM. And One with HIM.

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