The voice of the Lord spoke. The bell is ringing!!! The Bell is ringing!!! With that the clock in our lounge room struck 12 midday. The bell is ringing for great things. The freedom is nigh. The bell, as the clock, rang its fullness. The fullness of deception is here, the lying tongues had their fullness, and they will be stilled.
The bell is ringing !!!
As the herald of old who rang the bell, calling out: “HEAR YEAH, HEAR YEAH” bringing the news what everybody needed to hear, so my word will go out. The heralds are ringing the bell and call out again: “HEAR YEAH, HEAR YEAH”. Hear the Good News of My gospel, pay attention to My Good News which is going out today. For freedom you have been set free. The freedom to live, reign and rule as prophets, as priests and as kings/queens, in this world. Full of My goodness; so you will share with one another. Full of My goodness you will serve on another. Full of My goodness you will Love one another.

The bell is ringing!!! Wake up!!! AWAKEN!!!
The story of Aaron’s rod (almond branch) which budded supernaturally, showing to the rest of Israel the authority given by God to Aaron.
Think of the Almond tree:
After dormancy/sleeping the tree awakens after winter (Northern Hemisphere) this will be in the end of January/February, a command to prepare for blossoming…the tree begins to arouse from its slumber….a green calyx tip appears at the end of the bud….the bud dilates…. The Almond tree awaken and clothes itself with light pink blossoms…the bees arrive and pollinate the blossom. The blossom turns white as snow before falling to the ground 5-14 days after bursting forth. The first fruit of the almond begins to emerge from the calyx as a flame of fire. After 6-8 weeks the first fruit (harvest) is handpicked. The rest of the fruit stays on the tree for the second harvest around the 7th month, called Tishri, our month of August/ September.
In which month are we living now!!! February – the awakening tree awakens. The bell is ringing!!! AWAKEN.

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