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R U READY?  Prophecy 5 July 2022

The clock has struck its final hour.  The future is unfolding.

An acceleration is happening in the world. The clock has moved a step closer to the end. The world will start spinning faster, by saying that you will see changes happening in the world. What was to come, now is. We have stepped into the future, now the presence. The future of things to come and now is.

I saw a picture of a spinning top, which went faster and faster. On the spinning top were people; due to the central fugal forces the first group of people were flying off, they did not hold on proper and thought nothing was going to happen anyway. The second group of people stood with arms wide open, thinking nothing could harm them because they made themselves secure. The third group of people were secure, nothing what came against them had any impact on them.

You will hear of earthquakes, natural disasters, wars etc.  My time has come closer. The clock strikes again. R U READY?

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