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However, even when equipped with these various gifts,  the challenge for the pastor is not to become overbalanced on the compassionate side and feel too strongly with the sheep’s times of difficulties as they are experiencing them.  Pastoring involves not only protection and tending to needs, but also strengthening the weak, encouraging the forlorn, feeding the flock, making provision, shielding, refreshing, restoring, leading by example to move people on in their pursuit of holiness, comforting, and guiding (Pss 78, 52, 23).  For a pastor this might mean that he has to be firm and lead his flock by telling the truth as it is and not try to wrap their hurts in feeble excuses that do nothing to get a better understanding of their position.  Wiping their snotty noses does nothing to prepare the flock for future difficulties.  Those snotty noses keep on running.  Instead, there needs to be a different approach where the snotty noses are no longer running, or they are taught to wipe their own.  For a pastor to be truly effective they will need to equip the flock in such a way that the flock will be prepared to go head-on at hardships in the strength which has been received in the spirit of Christ.  All of this metaphor is to be understood in the right understanding and application of Godly Grace.  This means that the pastor has to exercise a different role and attitude towards the flock.  An attitude which needs to challenge the flock from no longer expecting only a supply of compassion, but also nurturing a changing and teaching perspective toward rising above difficulties with strength coming from knowing who we are in Christ and He in us.

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