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Prophecy 20 July 2022

 A forest on fire in South America in the natural ….(looked up Google: since start of 2022 South America has been experiencing unusually high wildfire activity. A heat wave and the resulting dry conditions across northern Argentina and Paraguay have resulted in record wildfires in the region with much higher than average fire emissions and smoke transport). Watch Brazil, Argentina and Chili where fires have ignited. Also in my people. A bushfire has started. With the sound of the fire, comes the sound of liberation. A roar in the earth. A fire that never was; not in the days of Peron who did some good for workers but would not tolerate opposition and thereby oppressed the people. Their good was not my good. My good will flood these lands- a fire comes forth.- Watch Chili !!

Bankruptcy of multi-mega structures will break forth. Companies will fall. As the walls of Jericho came falling down as the corporate shout of victory was heard. So multi mega companies will come down as my people will shout. The walls of Jericho were thick and strong; so are these buildings of companies are strong. But the word and shout out of the mouths of my people is stronger. Raise your voice- Let it sound out!!! Let the companies, who rule the people by fear, tremble and fall like the walls of Jericho. They rule and are comprised of people without understanding, they go around in circles. They think they are wise but they are fools. You will hear of bankruptcy- bankruptcies.

The fire of iniquity is nearly snuffed out in the Ukraine. They won’t give up; they are trying to trim the wick again and again for iniquity to continue. To make it fire up again. But my words have been spoken out against the iniquities and against the bureaucrats, against the leaders in their iniquities and their dark alliances. They are trying to keep that flame going. But I say NO, YOU HAD YOUR TIME. NOW IT’S MY TIME. I trample, devour stamp out the wick of iniquity. They will not succeed again. It has been exposed, what was hidden has come to light.


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