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The events in the world are speeding up and are intensifying –watch Israel- a new beginning in Israel. The political parties in Israel are divided and waiting for someone to take the lead. Netanyahu is not strong enough, but still my chosen person for the time. He will help the next person to take up the position. People want signs and wonders and they are willing to be looking for them. That’s what they will get. Signs and wonders!!! But not from Me. They, like the disciples, are looking for their Messiah. Their Messiah is rising up this very moment. They will see signs. But they also wonder!!!!
Warning : Do not be deceived, when Christ comes again, the whole world will see him. Do not be deceived, do not listen when people say here is the Christ or there he is (Mark 13:21-23).
The earthquakes continue every day. The world is groaning.
The floodings in Australia will be damned. This is what men tried to do. But the floodings will find new ways of running to the sea. Many people will blame Me for the disasters, but they don’t see Me what I am doing. The man made dams who hold the water will no longer be enough. They can’t hold My water anymore. My water cleanses the land, it washes it clean. It is a picture of My Spirit encountered by people in Australia. It washes clean, it is unstoppable, it’s flowing. This is not a punishment but a picture of the great outpouring, the awakening happening in the land. Earthly structures will be drifting away, earthly houses will be swept away. Earthly things cannot stand against the move of God. Dead works will be washed away, purification is happening. A mere picture of heaven on earth.
Another waterflow will come through the land. The flow of awakening.This time people will be more prepared , people will come and join what is happening in the spiritual and therefore in the physical. The floodgates will open again people have fled to higher ground (physical and spiritual). They will watch the next wave again. The 7th wave will be a biggest one. You have seen 3.


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