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A prompting of the Lord: Last Saturday afternoon (7/9/2023) while having a shower after been busy renovating in the granny flat, the Lord brought to my memory a song which we sang on the youth choir back in Holland. I didn’t think much about it anymore till the following night when I woke up at 2 am with the same song, but then in English.
I believe that this is a warning for us all. Let this song resonate in you. The days of Noah are coming closer. We hear all sort of warnings sounding out into the world. Be aware.

“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the son of man: People went on eating, drinking, marrying and given in marriage until Noah boarded the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all”(Luke 17:26-27)

(song, sung by I.J.E. Koor Den Helder in dutch)

‘t Zal een dag zijn die niet anders is dan deze, mensen op het voor balkon, zitten lekker in de zon en de bakker fluit een liedje in the straat, als hij naar zijn klanten gaat.

De stationschef laat nog net een trein vertrekken, maar zijn doel bereikt hij niethoe dat niemand het verbied, ieder weet het, ieder ziet het, razend vlug, Jesus is op aard terug.

Zakenbrieven worden niet meer afgeschreven, telefoon wordt neergelegd, laatste woord wordt nooit gezegd, doelloos knippert nog het stoplicht aan en uit, aarde, oorlog, vrede, uit.

In een zaal is het examen net begonnen, maar de leraar en kandidaat, rennen samen naar de straat, heel de schepping ziet het, hoord het, staat verstommed , nu haar schepper wederkomt.

En soms denk ik als de Heer vandaag zal komen, net als ik vreselijk kwaad, God en alle mensen haat, Hem zal zien, die eerste was en laatste is, Heer schenk dan vergiffenis.

(song translated in English)

It will be a day that is no different than this, people on the front balcony, sitting in the sun and the baker whistling a song in the street, as he goes to his customers.

The station master just lets a train leave, but he does not achieve its destination, no one forbids it, everyone knows it, everyone sees it, very quickly. Jesus is back on earth.

Business letters are no longer written , the telephone is put down, the last word is never said, the traffic light still flashes on and off aimlessly. Earth, war, peace, finished.

The exam has just started in a room, but the teacher and candidate run together to the street, all creation sees it, hears it, and is stunned. Now that its creator is returning.

And sometimes I think if the Lord will come today, just as I am terribly angry, hating God and all men, and I will see Him who was first and is last. Then Lord, grant forgiveness.

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