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WEDNESDAY 30 MARCH 2022 01.20 hrs.
Woke up and I don’t know if I was dreaming, but I could see the inside of my eyelids, I could see more but I opened my eyes and everything was gone. The Lord told me to write this down. But my bed was so comfy. He told me again to write it down.
ABOLITION- ABOLITION OF SLAVERY and your role in it. With that I could hear a child scream and I knew I had to write this down. I could hear the Lord saying:”I want you to document this word”:
I will send a trumpeter ahead who will make the way for my edict. I will send ahead a heralder of good news- you will bring good news to the poor at heart, to those who are oppressed in their own thinking. – liberty will follow you- she has prepared the people for receiving the good news. Liberty and Justice will follow you. Justice who will see people rewarded for their search of the truth.
Ancient ruins are going to be build up again.
Foundation were laid upon the truth.
Truth will rise up in this part of the nation.
Can you hear the children’s sound- on the rampart of society? Can you hear the sound of singing? They singing songs of liberation – an anthem rising up- out of the midst of distress- out of the midst of anxiety. Songs of liberation- songs of ABOLITION. The theme of all these songs rising up is about My justice and goodwill for all mankind.
Children sing out!
Where are the men who have come to set us free?
Where are the men who come to teach us?
Where are the men who come to love us? Are they coming? Or is this a mirage? Did they promise to come? WHERE ARE THEY?
The promise is there; take up the mantle to ABOLISH SLAVERY. That is my charge to you. Take up the mantle, as you take up your morning gown to keep you warm. So take up my mantle and you will be equipped. By you being equipped you will bring good news to the poor. I will open people eyes , so they can see into the darkness , into the realm of abandonment. Tell them they are not abandoned, they are treasured – they are the apple of my eye- they are valued and worthy.
I saw people standing with outstretched arms, in abandonment of worship, as if they were praising God. They were asking him all sorts of questions. Tell us… Tell us… as if they were bombarding heaven with their questions. Strongly asking- nearly begging – we want to know.
With that I could see a rider coming down on a white horse in his hand he had answers to the questions. The sword he was carrying became like a club to strike down the people. You are not the promise we expected they cried out! People fell down to the ground. Straight after a second rider on a white horse appeared. The people on the ground looked up with freedom reflecting in their eyes. They stood up to receive the answers on their questions from the second rider. Come and listen to me – I have all your answers, I have written them in your heart- you will understand as I speak truth and justice to you.
These truths are not going to be held for oneself- share them My friends-By doing that you will abolish racism, prejudice. My whole counsel will be open to you, with all blessings bursting forth. What you have read in the word (bible) will not come out of the word (bible) but it will come out of you – a stream- no a floodgate of living water. The WORD will go forth from you to all people who will hear it. And when they hear it their lives will be transformed, those who choose not to listen it will be a WORD of condemnation. Stand strong I have overcome the world. I have already done this – you already have the victory- all things have been given to you now walk in it.
I felt as if I was outside of myself; looking down on the paper and on myself sitting at the kitchen table writing it all down. Write this down…. Write this down.
Times of upheaval will come I want you to be aware.
But at the same time, the time of harvest. They go around reaping the harvest , they are not only angels but more so harvesters ( people) who work with me, my laborers they will reap the harvest. I have equipped you, now go and equip others.
Hear the Liberation songs – Abolition songs of the new race.
Be encouraged.

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