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Prophets are committed to consistently evaluating and critiquing man-made structures and religious traditions out of a deep love for God and for His church. A prophet’s ministry will appear at times very confrontational and critical of existing church structures that have become or are becoming obsolete, irrelevant, and a great hindrance to the Spirit of God. Prophets tear down and uproot religion. People that do not understand the call of a prophet will misinterpret their words and prophetic acts for harshness and bitterness. (Jeremiah Johnson)
A couple of things stand out for me in this paragraph.
Your eternal companion is the Spirit of truth, in such an intimate way that my (Jesus’) immediate presence will continue to be inseparable one with you in timeless ages to come (Mirror John 14:16). If people don’t acknowledge the spirit or are not lead by the spirit, they find themselves trapped in the sense-ruled world. Their visual horizon is veiled, and they are unable to understand what they cannot see.
In the sense-ruled world we put up parameters and man-made rules so we won’t overstep the boundaries of religion. But the Christ came to fulfil all this. He has set you free, why put yourself under bondage again.
A lot of times I have been called critical, I should not criticise. But is that what the bible says. A prophet can’t stand the inconsistencies what is occurring in churches and for the love of God and its people these inconsistencies have to be addressed, not to make a fool out of somebody but to help and encourage them or the church to live life to the full in the light of God.
The church is not a monument to what once was, but a living, moving, breathing organism filled with people who are to be awakened in their understanding who they are. Kings and priests in the earth, ruling and reigning with the KING of Kings from heavenly places and intercede/mediate as priests for their fellow men.

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