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In a vision I stood on a beach and I saw a Tsunami wave approaching.

A voice:”It will overwhelm you if you are not prepared. Open your eyes so you might see”. The water was pulling back from the coast after an earthquake. The water was building up and up ready for the wave to come. Ready to come back as a ferocious attack on the land. Many people, who were surprised, were trying to run away from the thread unto higher ground. Some tried to sandbags their houses, trying to stop the path of the water. But while I was watching the tsunami turned into a huge wave, not of water but of people. They came rolling in as a huge wave toward the beach. “These are the people of the awakening”. They have left behind religious practices. The religious practices which have taken hold on the people over the centuries and had pulled them away from the truth. Religion ended up with no power, no impact in society. Religion went to sleep. But now a tsunami wave of awakened people is coming in like a flood. They have clothed themselves with their true identity”. Nothing can stop them, no government, no religious institutions, no educational system, no others opinions. They were focused on the task ahead. They will flood the earth; they will flood the nations with great might, power, knowledge and wisdom.


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