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The heavens will open and rain will fall. You have watched 3 flooding s in the past. No 4 was the Kimberley, No 5 was Northern Queensland there are still 2 more major flooding s to come. We are not talking about a localised flood but more substantial flooding.

One of them will occur in the centre of Australia.

Like a deep spring rising out of the earth, under pressure, like a “geyser” bursting forth through the earth’s crust. It will look like a huge fountain, spewing water out of the earth. It will be seen from far away. Even from space. This is a sign, in the natural, of my presence in Australia, coming out of the earth, out of the innermost being in the centre of Australia. Streams of living water will flow, in a dry place. Irrigation will take place, the grounds will be watered. Fruit, flowers and seeds that were lying dormant will sprout forth. Food supply will be plenty after a dry spell. This fountain will shower a great area. This living water will give life to these dormant seeds. Not only in the natural will this occur but also in the spiritual.

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