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The Lord spoke in the early morning of 26 May 2022:
Star-dome and Star-domain the area of authority.
This word is for all people: I have called you to be a star-dome/ star-domain in an area where you will shine in all your authority as a son of Me. A dominion area, an area you have dominion over in the spirit. Dominion, to rule over.
There is a time coming where dominion is a dirty word. Dirty in the sense; not heard of. The dominion I have called you into is to shine brightly.
In this world you will have tribulation, but I have overcome this world. I have accomplished what you will take dominion over. I have all the things given to you so you may walk in it. There is a time coming and is now upon you, where MY WORD will be weight and found NON-IMPORTANT, NON EXISTANT. BUT THE TRUTH IS: MY WORD will bring forth LIFE-PEACE-HARMONY-WELL BEING. The world will treat you with contempt, but don’t forget that is what they did to me, the son, too.
Your domain will grow, now you see a little, then you see more and more. Your domain has no boundaries. It is big – it is huge. I want you to open your eyes to MY REALITY, MY TRUTH and all that is good. My thoughts are wider, deeper than the thoughts of the world, their thought are small, shallow. They will say: where is God; I can’t see Him, I can’t feel Him. They stick their head in the sand and they do what they think is right. Oblivious to ME. Thinking I am far away from them. But the REALITY is that I am closer than their next breath, there is no distance between Me and you, between ME and them. When you see yourself you have seen ME. I love all people equally, I have no favorites, and I don’t make a difference between male/female, Jew/gentile, black or white. I protect and have given dominion to all. Use it wisely……Use it to proclaim my goodness. And when My word goes out and people will HEAR my voice; they will live. I will show them who I am in them. The well spring of life, My “glory”, My “who I am” will come forth out of them. Therefore let your voice go out over the wavelengths of the world. It will resound in the atmosphere, penetrating everything I have called it to do ->->-> like arrows going forth and reaching their goal. Reaching its appointed destination.
Tell humanity to be aware, be aware of what soon will happen. The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of the Christ. They say it will not happen, we have our own domain, and we have our own dome of protection. DON”T BE FOOLED!!! These will NOT stand. Everything what can be shaken will shake and fall apart. MY LIGHT WHICH GOES FORTH WILL SEPARATE NIGHT FROM DAY, IT WILL BREAK OPEN THE GROUNDS. The house of cards will come down, it will tumble, money will roll away. All securities will vanish. But MY WORD WILL STAND. I am the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end.
My prophets are rising in the earth. The prophets who speak My words, without waver, without compromise, unafraid, who stand on the walls and in the breaches of the wall.
Turn from your imaginations in the world and look into ME, look into the ME in You. Don’t look to the world open your eyes. See what is happening in the spirit world. That is your reality, that is MY reality (2 Kings 6:15-17).

I saw as in a vision: People coming out of their makeshift shelters, emerging out of their complacency. A throng of people rising from the earth- coming out of their dungeons, wearing their grave clothes. While they walk out their grave clothes fall away. They are walking and standing erect, not bend over. Coming up from the earth, at the same time I saw birds trying to circle them, trying to bother them, trying to hurt them, trying to distract them. But the people had their eyes set on what is ahead, no waver, no compromise, not paying any attention to the birds. In the end the birds just gave up and flew away.
These are the people rising in the awakening.

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