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Ministry trip St Marys 28/04/2022 till 01/05/2022

Arrived in St Marys on Thursday 28th after parting the waters to get to the town ship. There had a lot of rain overnight and the main road coming into St. Marys was flooded. Our host had half and half canceled the meeting but when we did showed up she was thrilled and the meeting was inaugurated again. It’s good we have a 4 wheel drive Ute, which can go through the waters. The meeting started with an introduction to one another and we had a change to explain how and why we came to the East Coast. This confirmed some prophesies the fellowship had in the past. We were also able to have a little input. Coffee and lunch and fellowship was sublime. We departed again and went to Campbell Town and Ross on one of our own expeditions.

Following day we were in Launceston for other business.

Saturday start at 10.30 hrs. with a church like meeting. After the meeting an opportunity came to share about Jehoshaphat and the battle the Lord fought on their behalf (2 Chron. 20:13-30). Testimony time with everyone during lunch and beyond. We felt to go back to Ross and Campbell Town again.

Sunday before we went to St Marys we made an early morning detour to Bicheno where we declared: “The opening of the East Coast for God’s Resurrection plan”, via Elephant pass back to St. Marys for our next meeting 10.30 hrs. While driving on the highway south the sky above the East Coast was RED as the sun came up touching the mountain range and spread as lava over the land towards us, God is going to set the East Coast on fire with his resurrection power.After the worship we took the lead introduced Amazing Grace from the Blind Boys and Darrell spoke as the first person. Starting with “The wake up call”, and “The Judgment tree” which is in the middle of the garden, where Adam should have judged satan but didn’t. Followed by me with “Tree of life” also in the middle of the garden, Revelation 2 and 22 tree of life and living waters, co-seated with God on the throne John 14: 20 and John 17 “Oneness”. Pier followed by “Who do you think you are” and “How our message of evangelism needs to change”. Wow it all came out. We pray the people have an ear to hear and will receive the messages. We stayed for lunch which was organised by the host and by 1 o’clock we started our journey back to Launnie. Very successful ministry meetings.

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