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Spiritual Beings

Spiritual beings compared to physical beings. 

Definition (Encyclopedia Britannica): “Angel and demon (also spelled daemon) are any benevolent and malevolent spiritual beings. Throughout the history of religions, varying kinds of beliefs have existed in various spiritual beings, powers and principles that mediated between the realm of the sacred (holy) and the realm of the profane (the realm of time, space and cause and effect).  Such spiritual beings, when regarded as benevolent, are usually called angels in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and those viewed as malevolent are termed as demons. In other traditions they could be either: benevolent in some circumstances or malevolent in others”.   

The time of the creation of angels, or spiritual beings, is something that the Bible does not specifically mention.  However, angelic existence dates back to before the creation of humans. How far back no one knows. They seem to have been in existence when the earth was created. Scripture indicates the angels sang and shouted at God’s creation of the earth – possibly before any material thing was made. They were definitely created before humanity. Beyond this, there is not enough information to be more specific (Blue Letter Bible).  According to Job 38:4-7, they were called: “sons of God and morning stars, singing together at the laying of the earth’s foundation”. They were created, in our understanding, out of time, that is prior to the creation of time in Genesis 1:2. With a created beginning but not with an use-by date or with ageing processes. Created not robotic, not as a puppet on a string, but with a free will to obey. Yes, they have a start, all of them. From a statement that St Paul made, it is sometimes assumed that all angels were created together. “For by Him all things in heaven and earth were created, things visible or invisible, whether thrones or dominions, all things have been created by Him and for Him” (Col.1:16). 

Humanity and the spiritual beings were both created as sentient beings, with one big distinction: that humanity is created in God’s image and likeness as part of the divine. Psalm 8:5, “you made him a little lower than God (Elohim)”, and Psalm 82:6, which Jesus repeated in John 10:34, “you are gods and all of you are sons of the most high”.  And from Hebrews 2:5, “For He has not put the world to come, of which we speak, in subjection to angels”.

In Christian, Judaic and Islamic understanding, a division occurred in Heaven. Let’s go back to Genesis 1, to the creation. Everything was created, the earth, the plants, the animals etc, then in vs 26-28 God said: “Let us make man (male and female) in our image, according to our likeness”  and let them have dominion over the earth (animals and plants), let them be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth and subdue it”. This would be the crown of creation, humanity in God’s image and likeness, having power and authority over creation.

What then happened? Did jealousy occur among the angels? You can imagine hearing Lucifer’s cry in Heaven, “NO, NO, NO, I (satan) have the main position. I am the favourite one. What is God doing; is he creating another favourite?”  That’s how satan’s rebellion started against God, trying to set up his throne above the stars of God (Isaiah 14:12-14), with the result of satan being banished to earth, fallen from his position as the ‘star of the morning’, taking with him 1/3 of the entire angelic host. Satan, in his jealousy, tried to seduce humanity (Adam and Eve), and justify himself, by sowing doubts (lies) about God in their minds. Instead of Adam exercising his authority to put satan in his place, he gave in to satan and believed the lies satan produced. He did not subdue the earth, he did not exercise judgment against satan, and by doing so he declared satan innocent of his crimes against God. With the result that satan was given the right to come back into heaven again, as we can read in Job where satan came before God after roaming the earth.  

Angels and Demons are often mentioned in one breath. Books are written about them, statues made of them. But let’s have a closer look at Angels, Demons and possibly others.

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