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Google defines ‘revival’ as an improvement in the condition or strength of something.  We generally understand revival to be a renewal of strength or energy to a tired or injured body.  It is the restoring of that body to its previous state.  In church circles it is a revitalising of spiritual fervor, which can be a time for what has been known as repentance, re-energising, and or an awakening of a spiritual experience, all of which can influence a local church, county or nation. Examples of this include the Welsh Revival, The Great Awakening (America), Azusa Street and Pensacola.

It is prudent to note that although revivals brought many benefits to the churches involved, the length of time for each revival was limited.  Eventually, some quicker than others, the energy of the revival dissipated until once again the churches were back to where they started, or worse. In scriptural terms it is like when the glory which shone from the face of Moses faded and he hid it from the congregation behind a veil (Ex 34:29-35; 2 Cor 3:13).  People who have been revived, as in brought back from a near-death experience, will still eventually come to the end of this life anyway.  The only permanent result is to be resurrected, both as individuals and for the church.

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