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PROPHECY 31/12/2022  Return of the King
(Lord speaking) It is the beginning of woes. Heralding “The return of our king” has been put into motion. A year of tumult, a year of dreams come true. A year of testing, a year of promise.
Many who have had a new beginning will be surprised by My magnitude of options there is not only one possibility, but many. While for others new beginnings are still to begin.
An overwhelming sense of change came over me. A change to the environment, a change in direction. Not locally only, but worldwide. The world stage is going to change- many countries will rise and fall, as is the earth. Up and down- earthquakes-tectonic plates shifting. Things that were; are no longer. Things where people put their trust will be no longer be available. Colours are changing, colours of countries are changes – not little nuances but big colour changes. Earth is changing colour. Some countries will disappear and turn blue.
Banks (money lenders): will be turning black and die. People will try to keep it yellow or gold coloured, but they will turn black. A collapse comes in the money sector and trusted institutions will be no more. Many people will cry and run to the bank in desperation, to no avail. (I did not see any other colours turning black but only yellow).
This is the beginning. A line has been drawn between the haves and have-nots.
The political realm will also be under attack- but for now they will stand- even though with weak knees, trembling from what they see around them, of what is happening. People are becoming restless and frightened.
These things you have been talking about are now coming to pass.
But the good news is that despite the turmoil, MY GOODNESS, MY HOPE, MY LOVE stands out as “alighthouse” fully alight. As a beacon, as an anchor. Take courage I will be with you to the very end of this age.
A new song –a warrior song is rising in the earth. A warrior song and at the same time a victory song.
‘The king has triumphed’ song, returning to the land. Take up the battle gear and stand, rise up.
A drumbeat has started. I could hear it in the spirit, rising up in the world. (Like in the olden days when messages were sounded, people on hills and mountains were using drums to move the message forward.) The beat was tum-tum-tarata tum. O you people of the earth, come and take your place in ME, come and take up your place. It was more the drumbeat than the words to the song. The drumbeat put the people in their places. Ez. 37 “Say to these dry bones come alive”. They did come alive and a fast army arose. HEAR THE DRUMBEAT GOING OUT. AN ARMY IS FORMING. A BODY IS FORMING (SAME THING-SAME BEAT).
People might look hearing the sound, but don’t know what it means. People in church buildings running to the street to see what this drumbeat is- bewildered. The call goes out to all people come with ME. Some do, some don’t, they run back inside their church building. Religion will hold you back- bring you back into your own environment.
As a big music band going through the streets, I SAY DON’T BE A BYSTANDER BUT JOIN IN.
Join into the beat of the drum.

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