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RESCUE /RESCUED 06/06/2022
The Lord spoke in the middle of the night: “My people I have rescued you. I have set you free. I, the Lord, have already done this. I have set you free from the bondage of your own mind. I the Lord have spoken. Have you seen my rescue plan? Have you seen my salvation? Have you seen my freedom? Those who seen it, have also seen my deliverance from a fallen nation, from a fallen society”.
There will be an earthquake which will reach > 7.7 on Richter scale. When this happens, many things will shake. The houses, the streets, the earth. The houses of idolatry will fall – houses of wickedness will fall. In some streets there will be no houses left. The whole street will be no more. There will be no rubble or ruins, the houses have just disappeared, nothing left. While other houses will stand as if nothing has happened.
I am a faithful God- visiting the people- I am faithful and just. There will be a time coming and now is, where MY WORD will not be tolerated, but at the same time MY WORD WILL GO FORTH to change the nations. The time get shorter for you to go out and proclaim MY GOODNESS. The door will close soon. The door to my goodness- the door to my rescue. Time is at hand!!!
As the Jewish people, in Egypt, were ready, with shoes on their feet, blood on the door lintels. They ate their last meal in a hurry with the door closed. Before the angel of death passed them over/by. So, it shall be. You will be secure in your house as these things will happen. You shall be rescued again in your houses and be safe. (Houses not necessarily wood/brick houses but your sanctuaries). Will this happen soon? Sooner than you think- This will happen more than 1 time. Your rescue is in ME. I will protect you.
There is in the world a distraction happening. People have their attention taken hostage; their focus will be taken captive on the wrong things. See me here – Look at that – Distractions. Their attention should be on Me.
I saw as in a vision: People walking in the street as if drunk, staggering, swaying from side to side, some were walking alone while others walking supported by others as having a good time. Staggering from house to house in this desolation. Across streets- to other houses- SEE THIS- SEE THAT. They can’t find what they were looking for. They don’t know what they were looking for. There was not just 1 little group but many “WHERE ARE YOU” they shouted. They are drunk with the ideas of the world, their own struggles for resources, for their own selfish betterment. WHAT ARE THEY LOOKING FOR? They are looking for the image restorers. The people who know who they are as God in this world.They are looking for the real deal. Can they find it in the distractions of the world? No, they can’t find it in worldly things, which satisfies only their own appetite for a little while. They will find it in the Kingdom of God. So be the Kingdom for their sake- So they too will find rescue. They are knocking on doors. Some doors will open to the staggers and seekers but will bring more distractions- while other doors will open and bring them to the truth. People will be safe as they enter them. There are the safe houses in the streets. My safe houses will not fall. They will stand during the shaking. They are a refuge.

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