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The Hebrew word that is translated as, ‘laver’ in our Bibles, simply means, ‘a large basin to wash in’. Interestingly, the word ‘washing’ is the exact same Greek word as the word ‘laver’.  A bath filled with water and designed for the priests to wash their hands and feet before going into the sanctuary of the Lord to minister, a place of cleansing by water, like a baptism to undergo.  They did not wash in the Laver, but they washed with water from the Laver. What does this mean for us: There should still be a separation of our true identity (image of god) from our physical (flesh) identity. It is still necessary for us to sacrifice that which we hold closely from our physical environment, and wash ourselves from the detritus of unclean thinking  which we only too easily pick up in our daily life. Have our feet washed from the filth of this world, with the cleansing words of life (see John 13:1-17 where Jesus washes the disciples feet).   We should allow the purity of our godness to rule our ‘earth’, not the other way.  Though in Jesus we have our sacrifice, and in his death and resurrection we have our cleansing bath of immersion (baptism). As Titus 3:5 states in the Mirror:  The Holy Spirit endorses in us what happened to us when Christ died and was raised! When we heard the glad announcement of salvation it was like taking a deep warm bath! Our minds were thoroughly cleansed and rebooted into ‘newness of life’.  A re-engagement with heavenly thoughts. 

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