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The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘altar’ in our Bibles is translated from ‘mizbrech’ meaning ‘slaughter place’, and that‘s exactly what the Brazen Altar was for. This whole idea of slaughter, blood, and sacrifice seems morbid, even gruesome, to our modern way of thinking. The priests however offered up the blood sacrifices and offerings on the brazen altar according to the instructions we read in the book of Leviticus for the forgiveness of sins.  Also as a pointer to the blood sacrifice which the Christ, the spotless lamb, would undergo on the cross. He is the lamb of God who took away the sin of the world. Christ would fulfil the law; once and for all, no more sacrifices would be needed. What the sacrifices under the law (shadow)  could not do (removal of sin-consciousness), Christ did. The captives, the people of Israel, were physically set free when they were led  out of exile from Egypt. By Christ’s sacrifice on the cross we are out of exile, no more sin-consciousness, captives set free, declared innocent.  Once and for all Christ offered up himself. Gave up his life by the shedding of his blood. You are redeemed with the priceless blood of Christ (1 Peter 1 :19 Mirror).  The blood was for us.  The burning of the flesh of the sacrifices is a portrait of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the sacrifice of his flesh. By his sacrifice he subdued our earth, set us free and restored to us the dominion promised. He overcame the world (John 16:33). Future offerings would never again be considered. Nothing that we can personally sacrifice could add any virtue to our innocence ( Hebrews 10: 18 Mirror).  It is still necessary for us to sacrifice that which we hold closely from our physical environment in our stinking thinking.

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