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Restored Image 01/06/2022
The Lord woke me with these Words “Restored Image”.
Once you were far off – Now you are close by – Image Restorer.
You have heard it said: “Imago Dei”. = Image of God. = Not the same as in God’s image, as a clone, as a reflection, as an image bearer.
An image in the sand shows a picture of an imprint (impress or stamp,= a mark or outline on a surface).You can see the contours in the sand, ex. Tyre marks on the beach, the depth, the width of the tyres the profile, do you know what the make of the car is? Do you see any or all details? No
Plaster: It makes an imprint of your hand when you put your hand in wet plaster. You not only see fingers of the hand when it dries, but you see more detail even certain lines of your hand.
Fingerprints: you can even see more details every single line of the fingertip.
Adam walked with Me, we had unlimited (unrestricted) conversation. My full image was in him; I called him forth out of the earth, out of the dirt of the earth and made him alive when I breathed into him. My life became his life and My image became evidence in the earth as him. My image is him; Adam did not only bear MY image, but IS MY image, and so every person (humanity) on the earth. This changed when he walked away from Me, His image; My image became a contour of who I AM- A blurred image- a limited image – blurred for the world to see. Humanity is My imprint in this world. In some you can only see the contours of Me, in others at the same time you can see details of Me/ or a detailed Me. Some show a blurred picture, while others a picture sharp picture.
Restored image: You have brought close. The image is restored by Me, but I wish that all would realize this. Make this known to them !!!!! My detailed image will become evidenced in you as you manifest Me, let My image come forth out of you.
Pentecost = My blaze came into the people when they heard the mighty wind; my breath again blew into them. My image came alive in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. And they again became living souls, again an image detail was restored in them. It came to life !!! And this life – giving spirit is in you -for what?? not to stay in Jerusalem, (closest perimeter),not even to stay in Samaria ( wider circle) but to go to the outer most parts of the earth as image restorers. Tell the world !!! They are the Image of God in the earth.
The awakening is happening, the outflow of Pentecost is happening under our very noses.
A Fire awakening, not for destruction but for –purification. The dross comes to the surface and will be taken away. To leave My perfect fullness, fullness of ME, the details of ME visible for all to see. It will bring forth the detailed product, cleaned and shining.
Awaken us to the full detail of being the Image of God in the earth.
Image bearer is like the children of the external God , separated from him by taking up a piece of clothing as the image of God upon them. Don’t separate ME from YOU.

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