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1 Corinthians 12:28 lists “varieties of tongues” as an office gifted to the church. These tongues can be understood to be either known human languages (xenoglossia), or those unknown (often referred to as ‘heavenly languages’ (glossolalia). A person who speaks in either of these contents is in a practical sense translating, and likewise will interpret those languages into their natural tongue.

The translator is to be the voice of translation to the one who is speaking in other (unknown) languages. This interpretation is needed when speaking in tongues, as practiced in a church situation, and needs an interpreter (translator). Or, if needed, the Translator needs to exercise their God given authority of their office and use their spirit of discernment to allow others to give an accurate translation/interpretation, in order to edify the believers.

The gift of ‘tongues’ is usually to give praise to God and not to man in a ‘heavenly’ voice, however it can be the act of speaking or hearing human languages in special circumstances, such as when Peter spoke to the crowd at Pentecost. One in the Office of Translator not only performs these duties, but should support, encourage and teach others who display this gift.

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