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An administrator is a steward who manages a household, business or church. They will make sure the plan or direction of the church is implemented. He does not himself make up the plan. For example, the plan is most of the time formulated by the board of management of the church. Stewardship comes from the Greek word oikonomia, also mentioned as diakonia meaning service or support.

The office of administrator in the church equips and motivates others to fulfill their own particular role within the church, so that the church environment is conducive for operating to its full potential. Examples of the different roles within the church are finance, secretarial or maintenance. Some of the giftings needed for this office of the administrator are the gifts of wisdom and the discerning of spirits as per 1 Cor 12:8 and 10, so that the right people will be operating in their particular role to their full potential.

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