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He who has an ear let him hear.

Woke up with the word SUPERLATIVE. What does that mean?

When I wrote the word down the Lord started to speak. SUPERLATIVE is what you are. You are created SUPERLATIVE compare to the rest of creation. You are of the highest quality, made in My image and likeness.

I was in the Garden of Eden; everything was very lush and green. I could walk for a long time. Every tree produced fruit and things I could eat. I came across a river, full of fish. The fish turned to me and said hello even the animals who crossed my path came to say hello. As in a fairy tale I felt honoured. I observed all this and at the same time I was part of it. I could talk to the animals, the trees and plants. They were all there to please me, in their own unique way. The Lord told me that I was created to enjoy it, but at the same time to look after it with care and wisdom. Everything was in harmony with each other. I could feel God’s intention for creation: A place of goodness, of peace, well watered and unique place. His intention is still the same; He has not changed. I was and still am part of this, I will live on the earth in peace and harmony, despite what is happening around me. Even though you are a part of this world; you are apart, you are unique, separated from the animals and the plant life in this world.

Meaning of the word superlative according to Oxford dictionary: Of the highest quality of degree (magnificent, excellent) – Something or someone embodying excellence, or has more of a particular quality than everything or anyone else of the same type (the highest quality).

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