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15/06/2022 DO NOT BE CONFINED.

Woke up with the following picture. A wine barrel which stood half finished, the timber pieces not coming together yet.  With a drawstring or ring on the top trying to pull the pieces together. All pieces had the same length and were all shining except one piece was shorter but was shining brighter than the others.

Imagine they are all people, shining brightly with each other hold together by a drawstring or metal ring on the top. In the middle a piece that does not fit in, but that piece shines brighter than all the pieces combined. It does not fit in: lengthwise, in the width. When the drawstring or ring on the top falls away or been taken away; all the pieces fall sideways loose from one another. No cohesion. But the shorter piece stands by itself bright shining in the middle of rubble.

What does this mean I asked?

The Lord God has spoken do not be confined in the bigger group, where everything fit together, hold together by a man made ring or drawstring. Don’t be afraid to stand alone you will shine bright, even brighter than the others combined. “Some men trust in horses, some men trust in chariots but we will trust in the Name of the Lord” (Psalm 20:7). Vs 8 They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand firm..

You will go through a time of hardship; the world will stand on its head. Confusion will rule everything done, but there is always a bright light a beacon of light. The remnant. Those who know they are not forsaken by the true God. They will stand out. They are the ones who won’t fit in. Everything around will unfold when the drawstring/ring – the restrainer is taken out of the way. Everything will be exposed. The tight knit plan falls wide open; their strength is gone as it falls apart.

Like these barrels once the metal rings let go or been taken off, the barrel will fall apart, open wide.

The barrels are like alliances between countries, holding each other up. Again when the restrainer is taken out of the way the barrels fall wide open. All over the world these barrels will fall open their alliances will not count for anything. But the brightness of the not fitting people will shine soo bright; it will be seen all over the world.

A dark sheet will try to cover them, try to dim the light. But nothing can stop the light; it shines through the dark sheet as if it does not exist. They will say: “you have to fit in, you can’t be different than us, and you have to confine yourself to people around you.” But will be rebelling against the confinements of men, you want to break free; you don’t want to be restricted. The time for you to shine forth is upon you as the restrainer will let go.


People will stand again on the street corners to preach the word of God. Like in a flash mob when the song starts with 1 person and others join in and it becomes a choir singing the same song, so it will be with the preaching of my word. One person will stand up and start and soon a group will be formed singing the same tune, in harmony with each other. The restrains will be taken away. The group grows bigger and bigger. Others will come and join in while others will be bystanders. SO IT WILL BE.

The police might come to push you on, to disperse you, but it can’t be stopped. THE MOMENTUM HAS STARTED.


NO ONE!!!!

The result will be astonishing. Cities will be transformed, then other cities. Like a fire which cannot be stopped.

Be the starters! Be the ones who stand out! Be the ones who have something to say!

Be prepared to make your move—-be ready. Be ready to throw off the restrain- let the real you come forth. You have been restrained long enough.

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