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Xeno = different, foreign.  Centricity = central, core

Humanity is quintessentially xenocentric.  We are of a different essence from the rest of nature.  Nature, whether animal, vegetable or mineral, is part of the rest of the spiritless creation.  Humanity is of the likeness of Spirit God (Genesis 1:26).  Being different from, or set apart from, is the definition of ‘holy’, therefore, as God is different or set apart from His creation, so too are we, though we participate in His creation.

Two problems have arisen since the Fall because of our different essence.  The first, and most crucial, is that humanity forgot their god-essence reality and perceived themselves as merely another creature in a spiritless universe, or at a minimum less than their true origins.  

This then led to the second problem – FEAR!  Humanity feared their originator (God), from whom they expected retribution.  And later, that fear of ‘difference’ led to fear of others.  Thus hatred and violence towards our ‘neighbour’, and often indifference or violence against ‘nature’.  Hence, we have xenophobia, the fear of others who are different physically or culturally.  Yet, though we perceive ourselves as different from each other, we need to recall that ALL of humanity is of the same essence – the essence of God our progenitor.  Note that the word coined for having a positive aspect towards others who are perceived differently is ALLophilia.  Remember that humanity was placed in this physical world to ‘tend’ it, not for its destruction (Genesis 2:15).

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