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In order to bring some form of understanding to the mass of conflicting, and often apparently irrelevant, data invading our senses each day, it is necessary to filter it.  We do this by passing it over our own pre-formed concepts of a ‘truth model’, which is a bit like an incomplete jigsaw.  If the information appears to fit into a space vacant in our data-map, we will accept it.  If not, then it’s rejected.  This is fine except it all hinges on our preconceived ideas of ‘The Truth’ (just ask Pontius Pilate).  How do you get someone to examine their ‘Truth Map’?  Easy – show them how God’s good Grace has already worked in your life!  Let them see that Jesus’ Truth Map works.

People in our society have their preconceived ideas of what Christianity means.  To them it means rules, it means goodness. It means Angels, both good and bad. It means little gold or silver pieces of jewellery, some of which has a little man on it. It means having Muslims as enemies, and Hindus, and homosexuals. It means being old-fashioned, corrupt and maybe a paedophile. The church on the corner, even in its state of decay, is a place where those that can’t handle the normal day to day requirements of life can go to get pat answers to some stupid questions.  Let’s be honest the world says, “Even if this God which no one can see, or hear, or feel, does exist; even if He did create everything over millions and millions years; what does He care now?  He probably doesn’t exist, and if He does, He isn’t interested in me.  The net result of believing in God is: give all your money to the church; be betrayed by those you trust; and start shooting other people because their church is a different shape to yours.”  So why should anyone possibly want to hear what God says?

I am sure that if it was you that was going to drive across that bridge, you would like to know “The Bridge Is Out”, plain and simple, and the sooner the better.  If you knew soon enough, you would be able to make alternative plans for arriving at your destination.  But if left to the last minute; then you’d have to start finding out how good your brakes, tyres and suspension are.

It has been said, “all roads lead to Rome”.  This is not true.  But it can be said, “all roads start from home”!  When planning a journey, a business venture, a new building or indeed anything in life, it is necessary to know at least 2 things – Where to start, and where to finish.  Usually when undertaking planning sessions, the finish is the starting place. We choose our finish line, then look back to where we are, and create a plan to get us from start to finish – simple!

In this life, the finish is usually taken to be ‘death’.  But is that the ‘finish’?  Hamlet’s famous soliloquy asks that very question, and usually the answer is, “we don’t know”. Most people are prepared to accept total oblivion, or even to be wiped-out after a certain time, but the Bible tells us there is an existence beyond the grave forever.  So what?  Why should we accept the Christian Bible as the authority?  Simply because it has yet to be proved wrong.  In every case of prophecy mentioned in the Bible where the outcome has already been, it has not failed once. That is over 300 specific prophecies.  Some, like the naming of Cyrus and his role in God’s plan 70 years before his birth, simply go beyond the realms of chance.  Even the creation tells the story of the eleven events correctly, and despite their concerted efforts to the contrary, science has not proven the Bible wrong, but only strengthened its claim to be true.

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