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Life eternal or eternal life, is there a difference? Often we use these terms  interchangeably, but are they? Are they one and the same thing? 

Eternal life traditionally refers to continued ‘life after death’ according to wikipedia. In the apostles creed, eternal life commences after the second coming of Jesus and the resirrection of the dead, although in the New Testament‘s Johannine literature there are references to eternal life commencing in the earthly life of the believer, possibly indicating an inaugurated eschatology.

“For in the resurrection THAT IS CHRIST only life abundant is found. In Christ there is only life, as Yeshua said, “THIS IS ETERNAL LIFE that they may know YOU the only true God and the one You have sent Jesus the CHRIST.” Eternal signifies without beginning or end. Death is impossible in God, and it is this gift the consciousness of Christ, and the Spirit who bears witness of all to all. This crushes the serpent’s head. It ends all accusations made that the Sons are of different and lower nature than the Father. It is the Father who said, “ALL I HAVE IS YOURS,” and it is the Father who gives the SPIRIT WITHOUT MEASURE. Not a little life, not a temporary life: ETERNAL LIFE” (Steve Farrar).

Life eternal according to is:  life without beginning or end.  In God, ‘life eternal’ has no beginning nor end.  Titus 1:2 (Mirror), “This is the life of the ages which was anticipated for generations; the life of our original design announced by the infallible resolve of God before time and space existed. This was before the ages or any measure of calendar time existed, before the galaxies and constellations. There exists a greater dimension to eternity than what we are capable of defining within the confines of space and time. God’s faith anticipated the exact moment of our redeemed union with him for all eternity. Imagine the enormity of eternity in his sameness before time was; and we were there in him all along. 

Poem (Divine Embrace, Francois DuToit, pg 112): 

What an amazing view you have created for yourself in my mind, oh God!

Through the avenue of my thoughts you extend eternity 

and embrace it in me in the here and now! 

What bliss to encounter life

and people through your eyes!

I love my thoughts! 

I AM is your past, present and future. 

Now live the adventure daily,

in total abandonment.

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