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In 2 Samuel chapter 7 God makes a covenant with David. There is nothing David needs to do to be a beneficiary of this covenant, nor does God threaten him with losing any benefits because of any of his actions. The covenant covers 7 blessings God promises to fulfill. These are:
  • God would establish a Royal dynasty from his lineage,
  • His kingdom would be established forever,
  • A temple would be built to fulfill David’s desire for the perpetual worship of God,
  • The ‘house’ of David would be built to house God,
  • A son of David, who would be God’s own son, would rule this kingdom eternally,
  • God would never disown David or his ‘son’,
  • This covenant, and all of its benefits, would never end.
Again, we see God restate the original ‘covenant’ in that God would see that David would be His image bearer (His son), would be fruitful, and would have dominion. All of this was fulfilled in Christ Jesus and in Him, all of you-manity.

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