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Genesis 12:1-3 lists the 3 promises God made to Abram. These being the promise of land, seed and blessings. The formalizing of the contract is reported in Genesis 15, with God declaring “I will” and moving between the carcasses as Abram slept. Thus making this an unconditional covenant, though in Genesis 17 God requires Abraham to circumcise the males as a sign of being participants of this covenant. It can be considered that the 3 promises are tiered to be fulfilled by different peoples. The promise of being blessed can be allied to Abraham and his immediate family. The promise of the land was not only for Abraham but also to his future people, Israel. The totality of the land as described in Genesis 15 has not yet been fulfilled, yet is a possibility during the millennial reign of Christ. In Romans chapter 9 we see the fulfillment of the promise of Abraham’s seed, not only through the generations of Jews, but also in the recognition of all of us as children of the ‘seed of promise’.

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