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In Genesis 1:28, God made an agreement with Adam, and in him Eve, where God declares that Adam would be in His image and likeness, was to subdue the earth, and have dominion over it. The part of the covenant between God and Adam about being in His image and likeness, and of having dominion, was not conditional in any way on Adam, but was of the form of a benevolent promise of God towards Adam. Not only were there no conditions placed on Adam in this instance, there were no penalties which could be proscribed against him. Naturally, as God is fully trustworthy and faithful, this promise was never rescinded.
However, the clause about ‘subdue your earth’ was a condition for Adam.  For when Adam failed to heed the warning God gave him about eating the fruit of judgment, he had allowed his earth to subdue him.  He had given in to the temptations of his physical nature.  Humanity now became captive to their base desires and blinded to their true spiritual identity. That event had dire consequences. Certainly after their failure, God passed judgments on Satan, Eve and Adam, including their exile from the Garden, yet still maintained His love for His offspring.

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