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Since Adam separated himself from his relationship with God, humanity has always set up conditions where some are included in their circle and others are excluded. Religions especially have done this by appointing those who have the special knowledge to be the priests etc, while the others were mere members of the congregation, or worse, excluded from the faith, even tortured or killed. But are we not all descendants of Adam? Do we not all bear the image of God? In 1 Timothy 4:10 we are told that Jesus is the saviour of all, and those who believe this will benefit more in this life. But it does not make them any better than the rest of humanity.
Differences that occur within humanity, whether skin colour or musical talent or language or gender, are to be celebrated inclusively by everyone and not used as excuses for exclusion. As St Paul says, are we not all members of the same body, though one be an eye or one a foot?

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