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1st heaven -As being the expanse above earth (Genesis )  The heaved up things, the sky, the atmosphere.

2nd heaven – sun, moon, stars – outer space/cosmos

3rd heaven – that which is beyond the physical universe – the spiritual realm, not separate from our existing physicality, but usually not seen by our spiritual blindness – God’s throne (Matthew 5:34), compared with earth being his footstool.  It is where we sit and reign ‘in heavenly places’ as co-heirs in Christ.  This is where, once we have shed our current physical body, we can be ourselves as the truly spiritual beings we were created (the true children of a spiritual God).  We will continue to dwell as such until God/we create the New Heaven/New Earth/New Jerusalem, when we will once again inhabit physical bodies, albeit the new and perfected resurrected body as per Jesus.


Kingdom of Heaven / Kingdom of God is in our hearts according to Luke 17:21.  Also portrayed as a treasure hidden in a field (Matthew 13:44) as being in our spirit (cf to earth; our soul).  Short answer: if the Kingdom of God/Heaven is where God is, then the question is, “Where is God?” From Luke 17:21 God is in our hearts now, but where will the heaven be that our soul goes to after the death of our flesh?  Until the creation of the New Heaven/Earth and our incarnation into our immortal bodies, we will inhabit the presence of God.


Summarising John 14: 20, I am in my Father, you are in me, I am in you. God in us.  Prior to the crucifixion of Christ, at death the souls of You-manity had been held captive in sheol/hades, the flesh decayed (earth to earth, dust to dust), and the spirit (which has always been God’s – see John 14:20) returned to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7).  Now that Jesus has set the captives free (released You-manity’s souls from sheol/hades), our souls now go to be with Christ/God in heavenly places (2 Corinthians 2:14, Ephesians 2:6).  There we co-exist within the Godhead until we are presented with our new and improved perfected resurrected bodies of spirit-flesh.

But wait, “what about St Peter, and the gates and our harps, halos and wings, and streets of gold”, you may ask?  The gates and the streets of gold are to be found in the New Jerusalem as part of the New Heaven/Earth and are not part of the existing heaven.  And although Jesus gave Peter keys, these are not for the gates. And let’s be perfectly clear that it is through the finished work of Christ, and not our answers to St Peter’s questions, that we come boldly to the throne of Grace.  Halos, wings and harps are all figments of fancy, generated over time by the  misinformed and ignorant.


How can we attain Heaven-worthiness?  The good news is that we cannot attain that level of worthiness for ourselves.  The Christ Jesus attained that for all of us.  We all have access to Heaven when we die.  The good news is not our attaining Heaven but that we can start to enjoy Heavenly benefits now when we awaken to the finished work of Jesus (1 Timothy 4:10).  As the Prodigal Son discovered; no matter how much we have squandered the life given us, we are always welcome in our Father’s home.


The simple and obvious answer is, “when you die”.  However, the time is quickly approaching when the promises of God will be fulfilled and this corrupt existence will cease and the New Heaven/Earth will be manifested.  No more dying, no more pain, no more crying.  Again united in the totality of God for eternity, ruling, reigning and creating in LOVE.

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