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How often should we celebrate communion? As a symbol of our wedding to God, we could ask how often do couples celebrate the anniversary of their wedding; annually? Or, how often do they celebrate the joy of sharing their lives with their love in wedded bliss; quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily? How much do you enjoy the love of our bridegroom?

What should be used as the elements of this rite? Some claim that as Jesus was without sin, and that yeast is a scriptural allegory of sin, then we should only use unleavened bread. Others claim that the scriptures claim it was bread, therefore any bread will suffice. Likewise, was the wine really wine, or was it just grape juice, or are we just watering down the gospel? Some people are susceptible to alcohol and therefore it shouldn’t be used. Let us remember that Jesus was celebrating a meal, which we may claim to be a wedding feast. Therefore, why not celebrate with a meal, using cake and lemonade if so desired. Yet, as St Paul reminds us, as most practical, do nothing that causes others to stumble: don’t take t-bones to a vegan party.

Another aspect to consider about Communion is to contemplate that ‘remember’ can be interpreted as ‘re-member’. That is, ‘to bring back together the members of the body’. This understanding then expounds the passage from 1 Corinthians 11:29 about “not discerning the Lord’s body”, and reinforces the scriptual calls to be ambassadors of reconciliation.

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