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13 June 2022 Prophecy:  “Whether you like it or not”.

A deep chasm will appear in the earth.  A chasm of the haves and have not’s. The tides are turning soon. Be prepared for the coming changes:

There will be an assassination of a country leader, (not necessarily Australia) which will throw that country in disarray. This leader will be assassinated if you like it or not. Many people will shout hurray while at the same time many will be mourning. The country will be in disarray which will also bring disarray in the world.

There will be earthquakes happening in places where you don’t expect them. Not on fault lines but in the middle of countries and cities where we have not heard of earthquakes before. This is because of the great chasm in the earth. Everything which can be shaken will be shaken.

I can smell a foul smell as if the sewer is opened up- just for a little while- just like a waft arising from somewhere deep down- a foul smell. What does that mean I asked:  A sewer is opened up and foul ideas, foul practices, foul words are coming to the surface. The words which are going to be spoken out are words bringing forth a foul stench; your stomach will turn from them.

The word will go out soon for a world leader to rise, taking up his/her position!   This leader will lead the people out of darkness-so it seems. But be prepared – Do not be fooled- He will give you to drink-so it seems.  He will occur nice- so it seems. He will occur good- so it seems. But look deeper, where did he come from? He came from the same place as your foul smell came from…the sewer.   This will happen sooner than later.

The battle plans have been drawn up for bad things to happen to my people. But at the same time the battle plans have been drawn up for good things to happen. A line in the sand has been drawn.                                                                          People in the thousands-millions will come to me, out of desperation, out of hearing the word and turn to me. A turning point.  The call goes out for people to turn. Many  prophets have called out MADE this turn to happen in the earth. It will make many things turn, Wealth, Comfort, Diseases. What was meant for evil is turned for good.  The desperate tries to inflict pain and disease upon the earth and on my people will not prevail.    MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT it stretches out over the earth and songs of deliverance will arise from the people. An army rising up from the earth, with the deliverance songs in their mouths.

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